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STS ALVIS, Tula - production of various brands of caprolon (block polyamide-6) in any kind: bushing, block, rod, sheet, plate, wheel

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Production of caprolon of the various
brands and any form

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The Scientific and Technical Society Аlvis, Ltd.
(STS Alvis, Ltd.) is the member
of Commercial and Industrial Chamber
of the Russian Federation
Artikles from caprolon - engineering material

Caprolon (block polyamide-6, block PA 6) is the constructional polymer (engineering plastic) possessing good antifrictional properties. Caprolon is easier than steel more than by 6 times therefore its application considerably facilitates designs. Wearproof, perfectly works in couples of friction.

Caprolon is widely applied in mechanical engineering to the most various industries.

Do you want to buy caprolon rods, circles, blanks for bushings, pipes, caprolon sheets, plates, blocks, graphitefilled caprolon?
STS Alvis offers caprolon in any quantity - from 100 kg and more!

We synthesize caprolon with a high molecular weight (density not less than 1,16 g/sm3), possessing for 15-20% higher durability, than so-called "molding caprolon".

Being scientific and technical society, using own laboratory and design development, STS Alvis makes caprolon in various brands, including graphitefilled caprolon.
We offer the biggest range of caprolon in the world!

Our experts developed unique brands of caprolon unusual properties for special application - light (density 0,8 g/sm3), soft, electroconductive, etc.

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 Caprolon rods, circles,
blanks for bushings, pipes

 Caprolon sheets, plates, blocks

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